Activity Canyoning Technical Training Workshop I
DifficultyHigh: For very experienced enthusiasts.
PopularityPros only.

Duration2 day
Planned Dates2024-04-202024-04-212024-06-152024-06-162024-08-25

Price300 USD per person incl GST. All equipment are provided, except for your own swimming costume to wear under the wetsuit. Transportation from Taipei, lunch, drinking water, insurance are included.

Special Notes
  1. This price is for small group, including pick-up and drop-off at Taipei and more inclusions. max 10 people, min. 2 people.
  2. We will inform you the cell phone number and the name of the guide leader 3 days prior. But if you don't have a local sim card, just be sure to show up at the meeting point. Our guides will find you. Or, if you want to, you can offer us your FB.
  3. Dress as casual as you can. Slippers and sandals are recommended. What you dressed will not go into the water with you, don't worry.
  4. We suggest that you wear on your swimming costume inside before activity.
  5. Bring a bottle of water(600-1000 ml), your swimming costume, swimming goggles (not necessary), lunch, a towel (not necessary), a plastic bag for your wet swimming costume after activity. You will get one backpack to carry stuffs into the river.
  6. Do not bring electronic devices into the river, everything will get wet during the activity. Our guides will bring camera and picturing for you.
  7. If you're wearing glasses or contact lenses, we recommend you to bring a spare pair.
  8. Do not bring anything valuable into the river, you may lose them.
  9. Trim your nails before activity. They may snap.
  10. All safety instructions given by our guides must be adhered to or you will be removed from the group for the safety of yourself and others.
  11. The guides will only wait for you for 10 minutes at most, don't be late at the pick-up point.
  12. Our guides reserve the right to alter the itinerary.
  13. The minimum number of participants is 2.
  14. Trips will still be carried out in a moderate rainy day.
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